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GF Petite Express Cake

GF Petite Express Cake

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Your perfect little gluten-free cake that packs a serious flavour punch. 


No icing on the sides, one layer of filling, ribbon, chocolate curls and shapes, dried fruit, and fresh seasonal flowers. Decorations vary seasonally and image is only an example of a finished cake. 

Size: 15cm (5-8 servings.)


Gluten-Free Chocolate - A rich chocolate cake, with one layer of chocolate filling, beautifully iced with chocolate ganache.

Gluten-Free Lemon - A soft lemon cake with one layer of lemon cream cheese filling, beautifully iced with white chocolate ganache.

Gluten-free Low Dairy Lemon & Raspberry - A moist and soft Gluten-free lemon cake iced with a vegan raspberry ‘buttercream.’ This is a PINK cake because of the raspberry icing. 

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