Your local artisan bakery, creating memorable treats in Queenstown.

At Zest Cakes, we work with a carefully chosen, high quality ingredients to create hand-crafted locally-made cakes in Queenstown.

Our cakes are delicious, beautiful and loved by locals and visitors alike.


Mud cakes and Banoffee pies on Summer Special price now!

Looking for something budget friendly? Here's your answer! Our Banoffee pies and Mud cakes are a crowd pleaser, beautiful and full of flavour.

Banoffee Pie from $59.00

Our famous Banoffee pie has a sweet pastry case, baked caramel, sliced bananas, fresh whipped cream, and chocolate shavings. Hard to resist!

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Mud cakes from $69.00

Our Chocolate Mud cake is a rich and moist chocolate cake iced with chocolate ganache and beautifully decorated.

Petite/15cm Mud Cake $69.00 - 5 to 8 portions

20cm Mud Cake $89.00 - 10 to 12 portions

24cm Mud Cake $109.00 - 15 to 20 portions

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Looking for something more special? Check out our Deluxe Cake Collection

Our deluxe layered cakes are true showstoppers and come in a delicious array of flavours. The cakes are - 15cm tall cakes, slightly taller than our express options, icing around semi-naked look, 2 generous layers of filling, swiss-meringue buttercream icing, decoration includes fresh seasonal flowers, macarons, chocolate shapes (no macaron or chocolate on vegan cakes).

Our Tall cakes are 20cm tall, icing around semi-naked look or chocolate panels, 4 generous layers of filling, swiss-meringue buttercream or chocolate ganache icing, decoration includes fresh seasonal flowers, macarons, chocolate shapes, and optional chocolate drip. 

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We're a little cake obsessed

We have been cake bakers for more than 20 years and the secret for our success is being passionate about baking and making cakes that taste as amazing as they look. We find inspiration in our passion for the beautiful place we live and use seasonal and organic ingredients whenever possible. A cake is the best way to celebrate life and we love making them even more special for any occasion.


Choose your delicious

  • Utterly Delicious

    We can assure you we have rigorously tested and perfected our recipes so that your cake tastes as delicious as it looks!

  • Locally Loved

    Queenstown has been the home of our cake creation for over 20 years. We love it here and our locals love us too.

  • The Best Ingredients

    Quality underpins everything we do. Our cakes are lovingly baked from scratch and contain only the best quality ingredients.